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Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First, please let me introduce myself. My name is ***, 24. I come from ******, the capital of ******* Province. I graduated from the ******* department of ***** University in July, 2018. In the past two years I have been preparing for the postgraduate examination while I have been teaching ***** in NO. **** middle Schooland,I was a headteacher of a class in junior grade two. Now all my hard work has got a result since I have a chance to be interviewed by you.

I am open-minded, quick in thought and very fond of history. In my spare time, I have broad interests like many other youngsters, such as reading books, especially those about *******. Frequently I exchange with other people by making comments in the BBS on line. In addition, during my college years, I was once a Netbar technician. So, I have a comparative good command of network application. I am able to operate the computer well. I am skillful in searching for information on Internet. I am a football fan for years. Italian team is my favorite. Anyway, I feel great pity for our country’s team.

I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning. Of course, if I am given a chance to study ****** in this famous University, I will spare no effort to master a good command of advanced ******.


There are several reasons.

I have been deeply impressed by the academic atmosphere when I came here last summer. In my opinion, as one of the most famous ****** in our country, it provides people with enough room to get further enrichment. This is the first reason.

The second one is that I am longing for doing research in ****** throughout my life. It's a pleasure to be with my favorite ****** for lifetime. I suppose this is the most important factor in my decision.

Thirdly, I learnt a lot from my ***** job during the past two years. However, I think further study is still urgent for me to realize self-value. Life is precious. It is necessary to seize any chance for self-development, especially in this competitive modern world.

In a word, I am looking forward to making a solid foundation for future profession after two years study here.


First, I hope I can form. systematic view of *****. As for ******, my express wish is to get a complete comprehension of the formation and development as well as **************. If possible, I will go on with my study for doctorate degree.

In a word, I am looking forward to making a solid foundation for future profession after two years study here.


I am from *****, a famous city with a long history over 2,200 years. It is called “Rong Cheng ” because there were lots of banians even 900 years ago. The city lies in the eastern part of the province. It is the center of politics, economy and culture. Many celebrities were born here, for instance,Yan Fu, Xie Bingxin, Lin Zexu and so on .You know, there is a saying that "The greatness of a man lends a glory to a place". I think the city really deserves it. The top three art ware are Shoushan Stone, cattlehorn combs and bodiless lacquer ware. In addition, it is famous for the hotsprings.They’re known for highquality. Visitors at home and abroad feel it comfortable bathing here. There is my beloved hometown.


There are four members in my family; my parents, my cute cat of 9 years old and me. My father is a technician in the Fujian TV station. He often goes out on business. So most of the housework is done by my industrious mom. Climbing at weekends is our common interest. The fresh air and natural beauty can help us get rid of tiredness. They can strengthen our relation, too. During my preparing for coming here, my parents’ love and support have always been my power. and I hope in future I will be able to repay them.


*** University is the oldest one in the province. It was founded in *** and covers an area of over *** mu. The building area is ***square meters. It develops into a comprehensive university with efforts of generations, especially after the reform. and opening up. It takes the lead among the *** universities with nice teaching and scientific research ability. The library has a storage of *** books. Various research institutes are set up including 52 research centers. There are teaching research experimental bases. For example,the computer center, analyzingtest center, modern education technical center and so on.





My undergraduate major is (本科所学专业名称), and I specialized in (本科所学专业方向).

也可以说The subject I learnt in my university is (本科所学专业名称).


I’m now working for (目前就职公司的全名)as a/an (你目前的职位).


I’m about to complete myundergraduate study at (你就读院校的全名) and to receive myBachelor’s Degree in (即将获得的本科学位名称). I wish to continue my study in this area.


若你的家乡是省会城市: I’m from (城市),capital city of (省份).

若你的家乡不是省会城市,是某个省的大城市: I’m from (城市), amajor city in (省份).

若你的家乡是个美丽的小城镇: I’m from (城市), abeautiful city in (省份). It’squite famous for its (你家乡的特色美景等).——如果没有很出名的特色,可以不讲。


若你曾在某公司实习过:I have an internship at (实习的公司名称).

I have some practical experience in this area,and I cooperated quite well with others.

表述选择这个学校或专业的原因:The reason for my choice is that….

表述贵校有很棒的教学设备和研究平台:It provides the top quality facilities for (你想学的专业) and the best platform. for further research in this area.



honest 诚实

easy-going 随和

energetic 精力充沛的

quick-learning 学习能力强的

confident 自信

perseverance 坚持

dedication 奉献

team-spirit 团队精神

flexible 灵活

leadership skills 领导能力

helpfulness 乐于助人

positive attitude 乐观态度

caring 关心他人

sense of humor 幽默感

cheerfulness 乐观

friendliness 友爱

adaptability 适应能力

work well with others善于与他人合作

focus on projects 专一

work under pressure能承受压力

get along well with others 与人相处和睦







working link有效链接


personal interests个人爱好


privacy settings私人设置


The Age of Blogs博客时代


social networking website社交网络


blueprint 蓝图

key university 重点大学

turning point 转折点

master degree 硕士学位

target 目标

material/spiritual life 物质/精神生活

outlook on life 人生观

material/spiritual pursuit 物质/精神追求

to live in vain 虚度一生

in pursuit of sth 追求(某物)

to set a goal 确定目标

to realize self-worth 实现自我价值

Contentment makes happiness 知足常乐


cultural heritage 文化遗产

cultural facilities 文化设施

Beijing Opera 京剧

cross talk 相声

Chinese martial arts 武术

Chinese painting 国画

museum 博物馆

art gallery 画廊,美术馆

cultural/historical relics 文物

antique 古董

collection 收藏品

sedan chair 轿子

auction house 拍卖行

to unearth/excavate 出土

ancestor/forefather 祖先

rituals/social customs 社会习俗

folk tales 民间传说

The State Administration of Cultural Relics 国家文物局


environmental degradation 环境恶化

resources exhaustion 资源枯竭

greenhouse effects 温室效应

global warming 全球变暖

uncontrolled urbanization 城市化失控

endangered species 濒危物种

wildlife extinction 野生动物灭绝

natural habitat 自然栖息地

water conservation 节约用水

toxic emission 废气排放

conservation of water and soil 水土保持

disruption of ecological balance 生态失衡

landscaping design for environmental purposes 美化环境

bring the pollution under control 控制污染

pursue the strategy of sustainable development推行可持续发展战略


本科——undergraduate ;研究生——graduate;

大一学生——freshman ;大二学生——sophomore;

大三学生——junior ;大四学生——senior;

学位——degree; 文凭——diploma ;证书——certificate;

本科学位——bachelor’s degree ;硕士学位——master’s degree;

同等学力——an equivalent education level;


奖学金——scholarship;论文——thesis ;导师——supervisor;

实习生——intern ;实习期——internship; 兼职——part-time job;

学生会——students’ union ;学生会主席——president of the students’ union;

干事——secretary ;学生干部——student leader;



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